Plastic Universal and Regular Plugs for temporarily plugging duct, bell-ends, and terminators. These polyethylene plugs come in sizes to fit all types of manufactured duct, even when it’s bell-ended or couplings is attached. Underground Product’s extended lip design permits easy extraction.

Plug DimensionsUniversal PlugsDimensions
Nominal SizePart #Std.PackWeight lbs.ABCDT
2" Universal Plug139-1176113.152.601.202.900.100
3" Universal Plug143-1200344.253.652.753.750.100
4" Universal Plug140-1180395.404.703.703.900.100
5" Universal Plug141-1100266.305.754.803.750.100
6" Universal Plug142-190327.356.805.823.750.100
All dimensions are in inches.
Regular Plugs
Nominal SizePart #Std.PackWeight lbs.ABCDT
2" Regular Plug54-1100102.852.101.802.850.125
3" Regular Plug55-1100183.853.152.802.800.125
3 1/2" Regular Plug56-1100204.353.653.402.850.125
4" Regular Plug57-1100204.854.153.802.900.125
5" Regular Plug60-180255.905.204.753.750.125
6" Regular Plug61-160266.906.205.753.800.125
4" Long Plug145-110026All dimensions are in inches.