GS Industries of Bassett’s Underground Products pioneered in engineering the first plastic injection molded spacer system. We offer a complete line of underground duct spacing systems and accessories to construction companies, civil engineers, developers and utility companies.

Because we maintain inventory at our factory and distributor locations, we provide fast delivery of all types and sizes. Shipment is frequently made the same day ordered.

8x3 Base
Underground Spacer

GS Industries of Bassett, Ltd. is happy to announce the introduction of the new 8″ x 3″ spacer within its Underground Products line. The newly improved design has the ability to not only secure an 8 inch pipe, but it can also secure two additional pipes within the same spacer. The base component design can hold up to a 1.5″ pipe and the intermediate component design can hold up to a 2″ pipe diameter without the need to purchase any additional adapters. Not only does this feature avoid the additional expense and the need to manage excessive components to secure smaller pipe sizes, but the flexibility allows the customer to add in a last minute communication line without any disruption to the project build. The product is made with the same rugged, ultraviolet resistant material and contains the snapping tabs to lock the pipe in place for easy assembly in the field. GS Industries of Bassett, Ltd. pioneered the engineering of the first plastic spacer system more than fifty years ago and continues to look for innovative ways to improve its line of products.