Welcome to GS Industries of Bassett, Ltd.

Plastic Injection Molding
GS Industries of Bassett, Ltd. is a custom plastic injection molder located in the southeastern United States. We serve the textile, appliance, furniture and construction industries, and assembly. Experienced in project development, we work with our clients to assist in development of tooling.

Mission Statement
Striving to create a lasting, honorable alliance with our customers, vendors, and employees; to continually achieve loyalty and to increase overall profitability while building a solid foundation of brand and company recognition.

GS Industries has a vast experience in plastic injection molding components, screen printing, sonic welding, hot stamping, and color matching. With injection molding presses ranging from 220 Ton to 1500 Ton, with shot capacity of 20 to 225 ounces, an in-house tooling department, specialty equipment and secondary operations we produce an extensive variety of injection molded products from a wide range of engineered plastic resins, including polystyrene, polyethylene, polypropylene and FDA approved poly-sulfone. Partnerships developed with outside tooling shops, allow us to offer turnkey operations. We are an injection molder with a technical staff having a combined 135 years of experience in all aspects of injection molding. Average years of service of all our employees is 14+ years.

Our Textube carriers, bobbins, and cones are hollow, plastic injection molded tubes used in textile and carpet industries. The Underground Products line offers a complete line of plastic injection molded, UV stabilized underground duct spacing systems and accessories to construction companies, civil engineers, developers and utility companies.

Customer Benefits
Lean Manufacturing is not a new concept at GS Industries. We are an injection molder experienced at working with low-volume orders. We offer distribution services and maintain inventory levels to allow quick shipments to help our customers remain competitive in this global economy.

Concerned for the Environment
Ever aware of the environmental impact of plastic injection molded products, GS Industries is an injection molder who consistently recycles scrap and sprues. Working with customers whose product tolerances are flexible enables GS Industries to utilize reprocessed plastic resins, thereby reducing our carbon footprint and the negative impact that manufacturing and the use of plastics can have on the environment.