GSIB is under the management umbrella of Tahoma Enterprises, an investment group committed to conducting business with high standards of integrity in order to assure long-term success. To learn more about our parent company please visit

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Tahoma Engineered Solutions
A collective business unit with capabilities in formed wire, precision machining, large fluid block machining, and engineered process automation solutions. This collective is made up of Progress Wire Company, Tahoma Machining, Wayne Machine and MP Technologies and is located in Ashland, Ohio. (

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Tahoma Rubber & Plastics
Serving the global rubber and plastics industries with quality prime and reprocessed raw materials, many of the world’s leading rubber and plastics processors depend on Rondy for Prime and Reprocessed Rubber and Plastics and Custom Compounding of Rubber and Plastics. Their manufacturing facility is located in Abbeville, South Carolina. (