Plastic vs Paper Comparison

Unlike paper products, plastic tubes, cones and bobbins, due to their resiliency, can be reused many times, thereby creating substantial savings.

To calculate the savings for your company, populate the Input line with the required information. Although this model only calculates the savings generated up to seven uses, some plastic parts are capable of many more.

In addition to the substantial savings generated through the multiple uses of plastic products, Textube Division of GS Industries of Bassett will purchase plastic tubes, cones and bobbins that are returned to us, sorted by material type, when these products have eventually been worn or taken out of service for any other reason. Not only does this offer an additional cost saving, it also helps preserve our natural resources through recycling.

To calculate the refund amount for your particular part, enter the individual part weight in pounds on the Input line. Also enter the price per pound for returned material as quoted by your sales representative in the space provided on the lower part of the Calculator.

Note! Further savings, not addressed in this spreadsheet, are those realized through the avoidance of disposal costs associated with paper carriers and the cartons in which they are shipped.

Plastic vs Paper Calculator
  1st Use 2nd Use 3rd Use 4th Use 5th Use 6th Use 7th Use
Cost for Paper
Cost for Plastic
Savings with Plastic
Cumulative Savings with Plastic
Additional Savings When Carriers are Recycled
Input Quoted Recycle Price   Per Part Per Original Order