Map to Major Highways

Located in Bassett, Virginia, and Industrial area of Henry County; we are conveniently located 6.5 miles from U.S. Route 220, (US 220) a north–south U.S. Route in the eastern United States. The highway extends for 680 miles from Rockingham, North Carolina to Waverly, New York, just north of its interchange with New York State Route 17(NY 17; future Interstate 86 or I-86).

60 miles from our facility, US 220S connects to Interstate 40 (I-40), a major east-west Interstate highway running through the south-central portion of the United States. The western end is in Barstow, California; its eastern end is at Wilmington, North Carolina. It is the third longest interstate in the United States and runs through many major cities including Nashville and Memphis, TN; Little Rock, AR; Oklahoma City, OK; Amarillo, TX and Albuquerque, NM.

65 miles from our facility, Interstate 40 connects to Interstate 85 (I-85). I-85 provides a major travel corridor between the Deep South and Mid Atlantic Regions. The increasingly busy trucking corridor connects the major metropolitan areas of Atlanta and Charlotte. In addition, I-85 links several smaller growing metropolitan areas including Greenville-Spartanburg, the Triad (Greensboro), and the Triangle (Durham). Other cities along I-85 include Montgomery, AL; Greenville, SC and Petersburg, VA.

57 miles from our facility, US 220N connects to Interstate 81 (I-81), an Interstate Highway in the eastern part of the United States. Its southern terminus is at Interstate 40 in Dandridge, Tennessee; its northern terminus is on Wellesley Island (near Fishers Landing, New York) at the Canada–US border, where the Thousand Islands Bridge connects it to Highway 401, the main Ontario freeway connecting Detroit via Toronto to Montreal. It is heavily used as a trucking corridor, often as a bypass of the busier Interstate 95 to the east. Major cities along I-81 are Syracuse, NY; Scranton and Harrisburg, PA; Hagerstown, MD; Martinsburg, WVA; Bristol, Blacksburg and Roanoke, VA; Knoxville and Kingsport, TN. Interstate 81 is part of the fastest route between the capital of the United States (Washington, DC) and the capital of Canada (Ottawa).

We are also conveniently located 20 miles from US 58W. US 58 is well on it’s way to becoming "Super 58" , a four lane divided highway connecting the entire southern corridor of Virginia from Virginia Beach west to Big Stone Gap.

56 miles from our facility, via US 58W, we connect to Interstate 77 ( I-77) an Interstate Highway in the eastern United States that serves as a major link between the Midwest and South Atlantic regions of the U.S. Major cities along I-77 are Marietta, Akron and Cleveland, OH; Bluefield, Charleston and Parkersburg, WVA; Wytheville, VA; Charlotte and Statesville, NC and Charleston and Columbus, SC. I-77 connects to I-81 and destinations north, south and west.