Yarn Carriers for Spinning

(Open End and Air Jet)

Inconsistent yarn packages can cause even the best machines to seem ready for the boneyard. The cause? Substandard carriers. For consistent packages, a carrier must be dimensionally correct, highly uniform and stable under load. Its surface finish must be optimized for even tension and tail control. It must be durable to maintain performance if reused.

Leading weavers and knitters already know the Textube difference, and many specify that their yarn packages be supplied on Textube carriers. The reasons? Consistent packages. Higher weaving or spinning efficiencies. Enhanced take-off performance, especially important in knitting involving finer-count yarns or exotic fiber blends. And the ultimate payoff…higher quality woven and knit goods.


Dimensional stability

Precisely controlled cone and cylinder length

Absolutely consistent inside diameter at both the base and the nose

Lot-to-lot uniformity—absolutely critical for productivity on automated spinning frames

Absolute dimensional stability regardless of relative humidity

The multi-cycle durability of heavy-wall carriers

The cost-efficient reliability of thin-wall carriers

Surface properties

Custom-engineered molded surfaces or finishes

Optimized tension development, especially critical for early turns

Improved retention—tails neither slough off too soon, nor stick too long to the carrier

Productivity-enhancing tail transfer from package to package

Material options to engineer individual solutions

Base resin compounds

Impact-modified resins

Filled resins

Engineering grade resins

Improved package consistency, weaving and knitting efficiencies– for higher quality goods.

Think Textube...think performance

Resin colors

Wide range of solid color choices

Exclusive two-color molding capability

Hundreds of dual color combinations

Dual variable coding for easy identification of packages

Code by plant, yarn weight, fiber blend, machine, etc.—any two combinations of variables


X Recycle yarn carriers best by reusing them

Even our thin-wall carriers offer multiple cycles

Heavy-wall carriers give many times the cycles of thin-wall

Accepted by plastic recyclers for further cost-efficiency


Very fine exotic blend yarns

Heavy industrial yarns


Textube carriers give the desired performance!

Thinking performance? Think Textube. Call today for qualified assistance in improving your package quality.


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