Sister Companies

Under the management umbrella of Tahoma Enterprises, an investment group committed to conducting business with high standards of integrity in order to assure long-term success. The portfolio consists of seven companies all successfully engaged in plastic injection molding, rubber processing, wire forming, and machining of highly engineered components.

MP Technologies
MP Technologies, Ltd. produces quality Automated Process Systems for a wide range of industries. We consistently provide our customers with the products they need to succeed. MP Technologies' 31,000 square-foot facility, with various departments and operations, using state-of-the-art equipment, provides our customers with a broad range of options that solve problems, improve quality, ensure on-time delivery and control costs. We are proud of the highly trained, experienced people who work at MP Technologies. They are our most important asset. MP Technologies' experience is in a wide range of industries, for diverse clients, providing fresh insight and and ideas for on-going manufacturing challenges.

Progress Wire Products
Progress Wire manufactures quality wire grids, wire forms, wire guards, wire displays, and other fabricated wire products to customers' specifications. Their manufacturing facility is located in Cleveland, Ohio.

Tahoma Rubber & Plastics
Serving the global rubber and plastics industries with quality prime and reprocessed raw materials, many of the world's leading rubber and plastics processors depend on Rondy for Prime and Reprocessed Rubber and Plastics and Custom Compounding of Rubber and Plastics. Their manufacturing facility is located in Abbeville, South Carolina.

Wayne Machine, Inc.
Providing high quality precision machining services to a diverse, and ever expanding group of both local and distant customers, Wayne Machine, Inc., located in Wooster, Ohio can handle your needs whether it is regarding a single prototype part , a large production run, or light welding and repair needs. ISO 9001 certified.

Tahoma Machining
Tahoma Machining specializes in the manufacturing of custom hydraulic manifolds and other machined parts for various industries. Regardless of the scope of the work, our experience allows us the flexibility to work on a plethora of different jobs of literally all shapes, sizes and materials. Our strength originates within our team of skilled machinistís where Quality and Delivery are truly, all that matters. Paired with an office that understands aggressive pricing within a competitive market is an absolute necessity to effectively serve our customers for years to come.