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Announcing our new logo and look!

November 28, 2017

Recently GS Industries of Bassett, Ltd embarked on designing a new brand identity, to reflect who we are today and to symbolize our future. You can already see the new look on our website, Facebook, LinkedIn and Pinterest pages and our YouTube site. Soon we will have all our product brochures updated and new signage.

We believe this new look better matches what we have become since Tahoma Enterprises, a group committed to conducting business with high standards of integrity in order to assure long-term success, acquired us in 2009.

Our new logo is designed to emphasize our Mission Statement - Striving to create a lasting, honorable alliance with our customers, vendors, and employees; to continually achieve loyalty and to increase overall profitability while building a solid foundation of brand and company recognition.

Lower case letters remind us that we are a player in this life, dependent on our customers, vendors, employees and sales reps to be successful. The colors, lime green and indigo, support our mission statement.

Lime Green is a combination of yellow and green. Yellow encourages communication and instills optimism and energy. Green offers a sense of renewal, self-control and harmony. Lime Green represents optimism and harmony in our alliances with our customers, vendors, employees and sales representatives.

Indigo (blue-violet) is a combination of blue and purple. Blue is seen as trustworthy and dependable, having equal appeal to both men and women. Purple uplifts and represents creativity. Indigo symbolizes integrity, deep sincerity and wisdom. Reflecting on our history will energize our creativity by introducing new products and solutions to our customers. GS Industries of Bassett, Ltd. has been involved with injection molding since 1966; our technical staff has a combined 135 years of experience in all aspects of injection molding, Underground Products was the pioneer in engineering the first plastic injection molded spacer system ...that's a lot of wisdom!

The font is stylized with curves for a friendly and personal appearance. It reminded us of spirals which represent the growth, evolution and transformation of GS Industries of Bassett, Ltd. as we build, achieve and create. Taking the first letters of our legal identity creates a modern and quickly recognizable logo.

New Logos

Primary Logo Secondary Logo
New Primary Logo New Secondary Logo

New Colors

New Colors

New Products

New introduction to the Underground Products Spacer System
8x3 Spacer
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November 13, 2017
Bassett, VA - GS Industries of Bassett, Ltd. is happy to announce the introduction of the new 8" x 3" spacer within its Underground Products line. The newly improved design has the ability to not only secure an 8 inch pipe, but it can also secure two additional pipes within the same spacer. The base component design can hold up to a 1.5" pipe and the intermediate component design can hold up to a 2" pipe diameter without the need to purchase any additional adaptors. Not only does this feature avoid the additional expense and the need to manage excessive components to secure smaller pipe sizes, but the flexibility allows the customer to add in a last minute communication line without any disruption to the project build. The product is made with the same rugged, ultraviolet resistant material and contains the snapping tabs to lock the pipe in place for easy assembly in the field. GS Industries of Bassett, Ltd. pioneered the engineering of the first plastic spacer system more than fifty years ago and continues to look for innovative ways to improve its line of products.

Starlett Hedrick, Sales Manager
800-445-2192, x 15
GS Industries of Bassett, Ltd.
85 Rosemont Road
Bassett, VA 24055




































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Community Involvement

Annually, GSIB selects local charities to support for the year. This year, we are proud to support the following organizations.

Backpack Program Smith River Church of the Brethren Backpack Program
Stuart Elementary School Backpack Program
Grace Network of Martinsville Grace Network of Martinsville
Pregnancy Care Center of Martinsville Pregnancy Care Center of Martinsville and Henry County
Southside Survivor Response Center Southside Survivor Response Center
PROUD sponsor of Celebration 2018 at Martinsville Speedway PROUD sponsor of Celebration 2018 at Martinsville Speedway





































GS Industries to Expand

Tahoma Enterprises, a holding company with 24 local investors, announced it had acquired GS Industries of Bassett, an injection molding manufacturer with headquarters in Bassett, Va.